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2680Total companies
1390 SW development
296 SW & HW vendors
370 Telecommunications
185 Hosting
192 IT Education
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Company Profile Efisco (ID 1080)

Business Area: SW Development, IT Recruitment
Majour: Offshore Development Center

Efisco LLC is outsourcing software development company aimed to provide our partners with high quality service.

Established in 2009 Efisco chooses the transparency as key concept of the business. Efisco provides partners with consulting and legal services while providing dedicated teams with high quality infrastructure and human resource services. Due to strong knowledge of software development business in region Efisco offers very competitive business opportunities and solutions to our customers.

Besides offshore services in Ukraine, Efisco develops its own projects. We choose perspective ideas and develop them to bring profit.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team service helps you to have highly skilled IT professionals working for you for reasonable price. The price consists of employee salary and Efisco service fee.

Dedicated Team setup includes:

- Team start up consulting
- Selecting and hiring IT professionals to join the team
- providing Dedicated Team with IT infrastructure
- providing Dedicated Team with administrative, legal and HR services

Dedicated Team is different from standard outsourcing because:
- You get complete control on your project human resources
- You don"t have long chain of management between you and your dedicated team
- You are able to build productive long-term relations with your team as if they were working for you in your office

Ukrainian Legal Entity Setup

For the partners who decide to have their own legal entity we offer legal entity setup and recruitment service. Many options exist on legal entities in Ukraine. Using our experience we are helping our partners to select the best option and hire best people.
Human Resources services outsourcing
For the partners who already have their own legal entities in Ukraine we provide Human Resources outsourcing services. HR is the key to success in every company, but if the budget is limited or company is not big enough to hire a full time HR professional - we have the solution here. Efisco can satisfy all of the HR needs to Software Development company of any level. We would share our professionalism in the following areas:
Recruitment services

Based on our vast pool of resources and great experience of finding and hiring excellent IT professionals we offer outstanding recruitment service.
Retention and motivation services
Performance evaluation services in IT
Compiling Personal Development Plans
Educational programs organization
Social activities organization
External HR audit of the Company"s staff

Outsourcing Software Projects Consultancy
For the customers who prefer standard outsourcing model we are happy to help to choose reliable software development partner in Ukraine.

Kharkiv (Head Office)

Company name: Efisco LLC
Phone: +380981958969
Contact person: Efisco Manager
Location: 42-A Tobolskaya St.

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